Privacy Policy

T & P Law Firm is obliged by Cambodian law and governing regulation adopted by the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia to adhere to privacy and data protection of our clients. You are well informed and your consent is imperative for T & P Law Firm to record, note, and/or store your information and data; written, audio, visual, and/or digital forms. Please consider before submitting your information and data to us. Information and data collected from you allow T & P Law Firm to personalized services for your excellent experience in resolving your legal problems. Such information and data are kept confidential unless required otherwise by laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia or competent authorities.


It is important to note that this website does not collect, save, or store any personal information from visitors that simply browse this website unless voluntarily and intentionally provided to us. However, to improve utility and responsiveness of the contents in this website, the webserver will collect (1) your anonymized IP address, date, and time of website access to count real visitors (2) pages you visited, articles you read, or link you clicked, (3) documents you downloaded, (4) referral website that link you T & P Law Firm website, and (5) device and web browsers if available.